Kelly Haeseker has been designing, building, and selling properties for over twenty years. Born and raised in coastal Orange County, she has in-depth knowledge and expertise regarding local markets and those who buy and sell within them. Combining an undergraduate degree in psychology from University of California Santa Barbara, with her natural intuitive ability to understand and anticipate the needs of her clients, she provides thoughtful, organized, professional, world-class service. Her international interior design/property consulting business of nineteen years has created and built luxury residences, designed yacht interiors, developed large agricultural estates, and retail stores in New Zealand, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Palm Beach, New York, Montecito, Big Sur, Laguna Beach, and more. With sales and marketing training from some of the top companies in the business, she has a skill set and experience level that is extremely rare in one agent. She cares deeply about her work and the way her clients feel throughout their journey.